A side of me.

Here I go; blogging. I’ve been thinking about a general subject area to focus on so my blogging is not all over the map. Defining it so that the supposed audience knows why and when they would come here.

I have no such illusions anymore.

Considered writing a journal of a middle-aged man trying to re-connect with long-lost artistic pursuits. That never happened so the journal never happened.

Another idea was the journal of a middle-aged man that has barely exercised in his life, suddenly finding the strength and discipline to take care of his health. Still waiting on that one.

I will just write. Just use it as a space for when I feel my feelings, thoughts or happenings deserve a bit more than an easily ignorable 140 character thought burst.

I have decided to start out by posting explanations of some of my quirkier obsessions (don’t be afraid). I just want to clarify some positions that I often hint at but am fearful to delve into deeper, you see, you’re yawning already, I knew this was a foolish pursuit! Anyway, I’ll try to make it as fun as I can.

I am hoping there will be an improvement in my writing confidence to the point where the ideas will flow. I am trying to quell the demons that plague my musical expression with the notion that this is not that important, (Cubans would say “esto no es peo que rompe calzoncillo!”) an easily ignorable place that people might occasionally choose to wander out of goodwill.

Wish Me Luck

P.S. For any accidental tourists: I play saxophone


3 responses to “A side of me.

  1. You’re such a ham. I follow your blog religiously. Olive it. It gets sandwiched between my lunch and afternoon nap. And it’s never cheesy.

  2. Love it. Love it. Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  3. I have been contemplating this idea of blogging as well. Glad to see you took the plunge!

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