I really didn’t want to say a word today. I’m not the type to revere a point on a calender usually but 9/11 never fails to conjure up some of my worst memories and feelings, as it probably does for most Americans. I can barely imagine how horrible these memories must be for those actually involved or directly affected by the tragedy.
I thought I’d share my feelings about how much  I abhor people using the remembrance of this event to promote their personal or group patriotism especially when their comments devolve to defaming the unfortunate people that happen to resemble the terrorists of that day.  Excuse my cynicism, but I cannot believe that the more popular, outspoken leaders spewing this nonsense are not fully aware that they are capitalizing on spreading their disinformation that is polarizing our country and making us a laughing-stock to the world.  It is my feeling that they believe they are absolved of responsibility as they are just giving the people what they want.
I did not see or listen to the President’s speech today so I am not sure of the context from which he spoke of tolerance.  I just saw all the mentions of Tolerance on Facebook with contemptuous air-quotes and followed by what has become customary xenophobic rants. Often people get off message, just throwing in whatever sound bite stuck in their brain:

“He’s doesn’t understand American values!”

“Symbol of Conquest!”

“Federal Reserve!”

“Headless Torsos!”

If the President was referring to dialing down the rhetoric about the Muslim Center/Mosque/Symbol of Conquest thing, I would think a call for tolerance is unnecessary: The Founding Fathers and the writers of the Constitution set up our country to be a place where all men could be free from religious persecution.

I seriously hope that the politicians who are hitching their wagons to these unsavory characters will come to regret it in the (hopefully) near future when the rest of the country wakes up and speaks out against this lot and their un-American ideals.

Is their any record of a politician, on his deathbed, repenting for all the disinformation and treachery he was involved in during his lifetime?


2 responses to “Tolerance

  1. Miguel, I’m not as politically informed as you are, so some of what you are speaking about it over my head….yeah, I’m honest. On a grass roots level, we all need to be tolerant. Each judmental word we speak resonates. We all look to the leaders for guidance…I think it’s high time we look at ourselves. Check in, if you will. For each intolerant thought, action or word keeps the ball of hate rolling.

    Yesterday, I went to my little store. The owner was there, he is from India. We shook hands, just because we are friends and because of the day. We spoke of being tolerant, he and I. I believe what I do, as he and his family does. We spoke about terrorism for the sake of religion. We spoke about the day 9/11 and how we reacted to it. Then he shared something very personal with me, the fact that had lost 4 sons to premature birth. I was quite taken aback when he shared that. I have know him and his wife for years. They have a lovely daughter in high school.

    The point I’m trying to make, is that one on one we are all the same. Regardless of ethnic or religious backround. I love my psudo Indian family as they love me. We don’t go to church together or anything, our love and tolerance of eachother is based on respect, loyalty and kindness. A little bit of that goes a very long way crossing ALL boundries.

    ❤ Joanne

  2. Joanne,
    I don’t consider myself any more politically informed than any average voter should be. I don’t think the Tea Party would exist if people actually knew their US history and the way modern-day politics work.

    I liked your story of tolerance with the Indians. I wish more people were like you.

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