A Little Music Musing

Always one to take the easy path, the oft-mentioned least resisting one, I thought Monday would be the perfect time to talk about something that I might actually have something interesting to say about. I thought that this would be much easier than earlier posts as I wouldn’t have to make up nearly as many facts. It is proving to be quite difficult getting started so as you can tell I am just rattling away on the keys hoping that the asymmetric rhythms of my non-dexterous typing will will create an rhythmic ostinato upon which I can compose a lyrical tribute to my first love. Chuk….a-chik a-chick ach chc chc ch chuckaluckle…..

I tend to not like to discuss music with others. When musicians share their views on which music they like or conversely, what music sounds like complete fabricated crap to them, people will often think them elitist. I’ve often heard the term snob attached to them. This bothers me. The fact that the opinion of someone who has studied so hard on a particular subject can be dismissed so easily as snobbish rather than informed has lead me into a position of very seldom commenting on the music people listen to. I’m not trying to assert that a learned musician’s opinion is more valid, but I definitely think it should be respected as being just as valid. I’m assuming that dismissing us as snobbish is a defense mechanism to protect their feelings about liking a certain music. I have always tried hard not to belittle people’s choices in music no matter how strongly I might feel that so much of what is listened to is not only bad in and of itself but it also contributes to a degradation in people’s ability to understand and enjoy so much of the great music that exists and to experience this great music with a strong enough emotional connection as to feel one’s soul is being nourished.

It often seems to me that in music, as in other art forms, people need to have the certain known cues, or cliches if you will to be able to enjoy and process that art. Maybe it’s just human nature that certain people like the same two cliches thrown at them constantly, as is illustrated by works of film and television seemingly always needing to have a love story to hold an audience. Music has similar unnecessary baggage.
[I can’t seem to get past here without going too negative. I will pick this up again but fo now I will post it unfinished]


One response to “A Little Music Musing

  1. This is an issue because many, and unfortunately our schools, do not view music as a key area of study. It is an extra. Secondary. It is known as a diversion, even a healthy one, but not as a discipline, a foundation. I thin you hit upon something really important here-

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