Deport Idiot Alaskans

Yet another in a series of displays of her unmitigated stupidity, a recent major gaffe by Sarah Palin.

I guess this hasn’t caused much of a buzz because we are trying to ignore her so she’ll go away. What her comments in her interview speak to me is that my unproven perceptions about how that segment of the population that would be enamored of someone like her, feels towards Latinos in the United States. I think the reality of many communities in Red States, if there are Latinos, (there probably are) is that they are probably almost invisible as minimum-wage laborers and servants. It seems that they are accustomed to thinking of Latinos as second class citizens and inferior. Of course, my reality has always been different having grown up in Miami where almost everyone; bank presidents, teachers and principals, police officers and most of your neighbors are of Hispanic origin. I had no idea that the rest of the United States was thinking of me, us, as second class citizens growing up in this cozy majority-Latino community, until I later came in contact with Midwesterners and Southerners in college. Here are the points of SP that almost made my head explode:

The Deportation: Why did she assume Cristina was deport-able? You would have to be an illegal alien or a conditional resident who commits a felony to be eligible for deportation. There are certainly enough millions of Latinos in this country and here for enough generations, that even an extremely uneducated person should not be assuming a Latino is illegal by virtue of their name.

Diva Behavior: What part of that performance was diva behavior? Cristina is not the first person to botch the lyrics. The lyrics and the melody of our anthem are much more complicated than most of the music a pop songstress would sing in her career. Making mistakes is not diva behavior anyway. If she would have flipped-off the booing crowd, maybe. (I would have loved that!) I do think people should take such a high profile gig more seriously and learn whatever song as well as you can to avoid errors. I don’t think quality of musical performances should be any indicator of patriotism and certainly not eligibility of citizenship.

Running her mouth off: I didn’t watch it, but did Cristina do anything other than sing the anthem? Is learning the lyrics to the national anthem something that is “so basic about America”? Is it a requirement of citizenship? By the way, the country we live in is called the United States, America a region comprised of two continents, North and South America (Mexicans are North Americans, by golly).

Obama administration allowing Spicy Latinas to sing our anthem when unempoyment is 9% and we can hire an American Pop Diva: I don’t really need to point out all of the mistakes and the overall ridiculousness of that, do I?

“I’m sure Ms. Aguilera is a very nice person, but I just think the American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who’s clearly in over her head.” I would say she is actually describing herself except for the “nice” part.

P.S. My son informed me this morning that there are Miguel Rodriguezes in every state in the US except for North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont and Maine. No self-respecting migroddy would be caught dead in those punk-ass states anyway.


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  1. You. Are. Awesome.

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