Experimental Paella

I know many of you are thinking “if miguel mentions that dang paella again Imma slap him upside the head.” For the rest of you, I’m going to be trying out my new paella cooking station and new pan. I have some non-traditional ingredients I will be trying out today just because I need to get rid of them. So, the following will be my ingredients today.

  1. Garlic-already soaking in Spanish Olive Oil
  2. Salt,black pepper,paprika, Laurel leaves,Saffron and Sassafrass
  3. Shrimp exoskeleton stock
  4. Chicken Stock (already prepared)
  5. Onion, Red Pepper, Green Bean, Carrot, Celety and Okra
  6. Andouille Sausage
  7. Shrimp, Squid, Cuttle-Fish Balls, Scallops, Cockles, Mussels, King Crab Claws
  8. Calrose Rice (or maybe Risotto rice)

I am making quite a large portion and if it comes out well I plan on calling some friends to come over and have a plate or fill a tupperware up. I’m thinking of posting pictures here throughout the day, maybe even ustream part of it (but that would be silly).

Wish me luck!


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