Powerfully Subtle Surprise

I had a great day walking in the sunshine in a very beautiful spot not 30 minutes from my house. I consider myself lucky to have had a day off with perfect weather and a lower pollen count, allowing me to have a wander with my favorite person and our trusty sidekick, Sandy. For the first time since I’ve moved to Las Vegas, I got a chance to see a Desert Tortoise (Nevada’s state reptile after all) in it’s natural habitat. Unbelievable that it can survive in the desert.

Most of these photos will seem clichè to a Vegas person, but it’s what we have to work with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 responses to “Powerfully Subtle Surprise

  1. What beautiful pix! I love the desert. And wow, you really saw that turtle!?

  2. I love the desert as well, which was a surprise to me as I’ve always lived near a coast before moving to Vegas.

  3. I love these pics. It’s like a whole different world from the one I’ve been hiking. Even your mountains look different… and you’re not THAT far away. This plant is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Fabulous photos. I like random adventure like this. Why don’t you post anymore? (In fact, will you even read this?)

    • Yes, I have email alerts for comments. I go through phases of wanting to post just to keep my writing chops busy, and other times that I feel it is not worth it if few are reading. I’m so glad you commented as I noticed you dropping out of some places, and thought you might have gotten wise and blocked me.

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