Writer Love

I’m sure many of you have been part of the unfortunate conversation where you must explain to someone why it is that you like Twitter. So far, I have never been able to adequately explain myself. What I have never mentioned, as I don’t think it would be a meaningful explanation to most, is how important my interaction with writers and writerly-types has been in keeping me interested in Twitter for such a long time.

It might be just an extension of all the writers coming out of the woodwork because of blogging, but I found it amazing how many writers are on Twitter and how quickly I ended up bonding with them. I include in this flexible group the many people that don’t actually work as writers but have had lifetimes of appreciation of the written word or that are so well-rounded that everything they say comes out as such poetry.

I believe part of the reason that writers shine on Twitter is the exercise of fitting something meaningful into the limited character allowance. You need only check the feed of a trending topic to see how awful the tweets are of the average person. If a person new to Twitter were to see such a timeline, rather than my AAA-rated timeline, they of course would think Twitter to be beyond ridiculous and would abandon it immediately.

I’ve always noticed that I seemed to follow an inordinate number of writers but it became much clearer to me recently as I have been experimenting with Google+. While I have not been actively seeking new followers there yet, I did initially follow many Silicon Valley-types as they seemed to be posting great content about this new social media tool. They still seem to be posting great mini-blogs and linking to interesting articles about social media but I am find myself growing increasingly uninterested. I like the occasional helpful article to improve my use of the many online social media tools, but otherwise, I don’t really care that much about being up-to-date on the latest online trends.

Sadly, I have noticed some of my favorite writing folk are posting much less lately, maybe growing bored with the medium. I wonder if I would stick around if most of them were to leave the Twitter. Probably not.


5 responses to “Writer Love

  1. My favorite (brief) way of explaining why I enjoy Twitter is this: these are the people with whom I wish I worked. Smart, creative, funny, kind, surprising…the list of wonderful traits goes on & on.

    The long version is an explanation about how delighted I am to have connected with so many creative people, and how much I enjoy the interactivity that seems to happen so fluidly on Twitter. Also, I relish the pithiness of 140-character posts. And and and…well, the long version can be like an Al Gore Power Point presentation, but with many gestures and varying facial expressions.

  2. Al Gore was botoxy before botox. I like your explanations, they seem in line with how I feel about Twitter as well.

  3. Oh, Miguel. If you leave, I will be bereft, and there is just nothing as sad as a bereft j. Seriously.

  4. I couldn’t have that on my conscious.

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